Love stories are my thing. It's what inspires me as I wake up in the morning & and what keeps me up late at night. I'm a lover of love and just so happen to take photos, too. I am lucky enough to find that these two passions go hand-in-hand (pun intended, hehe). I love spontaneous adventures, exploring the outdoors, and sharing my perspective through photographs. My romance with photography stems from the true joy I feel when documenting such important, raw and honest moments in the lives of others - in your life. 

It's challenging. It's exhilarating. It's rewarding. 

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Where you can find me when I'm not behind the camera

Sitting in a window seat
Eating cereal, a bagel or both - carb lovers, unite!
Buying plants I don't need
Taking a bubble bath
Drinking coffee (and learning to like the taste, because caffeine)
Listening to records because I love those scratchy sounds
Writing lists and I mean LOTS of lists :)